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Carlos Manuel Stoner

Hello, Hi, What's up?

I’m Carlos, the artist behind the camera! Definitely more on the laid back side of things. Could be because I come from a big family that is way crazy! You know, making sure everyone is at the place they need to be and doing what needs to be done! Definitely thanking the Lord for those big family skills come wedding day! Haha!! 


I’ve been working as a photographer just a little over three and a half years and have been loving every moment! Defiantly one of those people that have to create or we go crazy...which comes in hand as a Photographer! I’ve always been in love with the old classics films and defiantly love the European old money feel of life!

"Someone can take a good photo, but its the photos with the RAW emotion that are the best!!"


Things to Help while Planning!

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