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The beauty of natural joy & the photos with raw emotion...LOVE!! Yes, I love staged shots and making you feel like the model you are, my favorite type of photos and the once that capture the raw emotion! They just hit different, you know what I'm saying! 

So whether we are going to plan out all the shots you want or go with a more casual chill feel. I'm here for you!! So, here is what to expect when you have yours truly as your man for photos!

We are going to meet/video call and talk about exactly what you want!! Let me have all your ideas and visions!! We will set up a schedule so that come wedding day, it runs as smoothly as possible! No stress!! I'm hear to serve you!! Need something other than pictures! I'm here for you!! Packages can include:

*Getting ready!

*Detailed shots!

*Ceremony ​

*Wedding party

*Bride & Groom



*Send off





  1. a marriage ceremony, especially considered as including the associated celebrations.


Engagement Photos

Booked an engagement shoot with me? Let’s get that date on the books and we’ll get started on your vision, location, and wardrobe for the shoot!

Day-After Wedding

I send you the first previews from your wedding day gallery so you already have something to enjoy from the day before. Make sure you have a tissue close-by!!

Today (Booking Day)

Your date is officially BOOOOKED on my calendar and I’m probably bopping to some unoriginal pop song in celebration as you read this.


I will text you the morning of, just to let you know that I am ready and excited out of my mind to finally be headed to your wedding!! Then, we have a blast creating the most beautiful photos of your dreams!

Now Until Wedding Day

Listen friend. This time is fair game for you to come to me with ANYTHING about your wedding. Send me the colors you’re thinking, send me shots of the dress, ask me for vendor recommendations, see if I can look up some locations near your venue to take photos… I’m here for ya!

2 Weeks after Wedding Day

AHHH it’s finally time! I send you the FULL gallery of all your wedding photos! I will be SO excited for you to see these, and I promise to pour my heart into them!

1 Month from Wedding Day

I will schedule a meeting with you, either in-person or video (whichever you prefer), to talk your wedding details, expectations, and then create a wedding day timeline with you!

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